Tree Services

Trees are an excellent addition to any property.  They provide a wide range of benefits like reducing pollution, noise, and improving air and water quality. However, in order to achieve this, trees need help to continue living and growing. This is where Excellence Landscaping and Tree Removal LLC comes in handy. As experienced, industry-leaders in Bridgeport, CT and surrounding areas, our tree care team has the skills required to work with any tree in your residential or commercial property.

Tree Removal

There are times when trees need to be removed. There are many reasons for this like preventing property damage due to branches or roots, problems with pests or disease, or if the tree is endangering other plants or flowers in your green space. No matter what the situation, Excellence Landscaping and Tree Removal LLC is here to help. Call (203) 685-6970 today and speak with one of our certified arborist!

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming lengthens the life of a tree. They can also be trimmed to stop the spread of disease or fungus, and also to remove any pests or insects that may have inhabited its branches. Apart from the health benefits, there are aesthetic benefits as well, like trimming a tree to a preferred shape or trimming the tree to suit the style of the garden. In commercial properties, trimming trees is used to keep the green space looking tidy. Whatever your reason, give Excellence Landscaping and Tree Removal LLC a call at (203) 685-6970 and get a free estimate!

Stump Removal

When you hire Excellence Landscaping and Tree Removal LLC to remove a tree from your yard, you need to decide whether we should also perform stump removal services. Our suggestion is always that you should because stumps can be dangerous and burdensome when left to rot on your landscape. We provide essential stump removal in Bridgeport, CT for both commercial and residential clients.

For every tree we cut, we will remove the stump for free!

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